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Perhaps posted before, but no harm done in putting it back on top since its one of my favorites.

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where is the trailer

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Viking Age Male Clothing:

The ruthless (but beautiful) landscape of northern Europe meant that the clothing for both males and females had to be practical and somewhat simple. There is very little variation between the clothing of Germans and Scandinavians throughout their early history.

Primarily made of wool or linen but other fabrics like silk from the east were used as well. Men’s clothing typically consisted of an outer tunic, kyrtill, and often had surprisingly complicated patterns woven around it’s edges. Among wealthier people, silk lined the tunic, but for poorer men, an under tunic made from linen would suffice.

Trousers were simple and were held with a drawstring (much like sweatpants) and leg wraps made from long pieces of wool were wrapped around the calves. Socks were not knitted but made by utilizing a technique called nálbinding or ‘needle binding’ which involved a tedious method of knotting the yarn to its neighboring threads.

Shoes were leather and made with the stitches on the inside to keep the wearers feet from getting wet (a fatal mistake in the winter.)

Norse belts (Top middle picture) were leather and much thinner than the thick Roman style belts. Often, the buckle was, as many other Nordic fixtures, highly decorated.

Last, the cloak was a necessity on hunts or during general work outside in the winter and even the poorest man wouldn’t dare leave his home without one.

One of the great virtues of the Norse people was hospitality and any family who could afford an extra set of clean clothing to weary travelers did so with joy.

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Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger - J.R.R. Tolkien

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New: Hooded Long Cloak フード付きロングマント BZ2113.

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Background Elrond was the cutest thing ever

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"Roll to throw the halfling into the dark hallway"

—Chaotic Netural Barbarian Half-orc, tired of waiting multiple turns for the Rogue to finish his trap detecting rolls on the extremely suspicious hallway (via jxdgedredd)

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