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my friends joining my fandoms


this is so true it hurts 

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Me: “dad am i adopted?”
Dad:no, ur David. why woud anyone name you ‘Adopted’? even if we wanted to, ur name was alredy David when we adopted you

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Fun Fact: Apparently Oscar Wilde was 6’3”, which in the 1870s would have been the equivalent of like 6’7”-6’9” tall. He was so ridiculously huge and awkward that one of his friends described him as looking like a “great white caterpillar.” That is all.

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This is the correct face to make when being told you’re a heinous bitch.

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daedalus: icarus, whatever you do, dont fly too close to the sun
icarus: im gonna fuck the sun
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will try and dump more sketch stuff from the last few months. a mess of buildings. primarily my own photo ref and just practice because

…buildings man

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Gold and enamel brooch ~ René Lalique, Paris, 1898-99.

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The Addams Family (1991)

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

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